I have spoke to subject peoples

                                Precepts I have loved ,

                       I have carved on rock-made pillars

                                Lessons I have proved .

                        Ministers of faith and duty

                                 Have my mandates told, --

                        Spoke to near and distant nations

                                  Maxims loved of old


                        And within my spacious empire,

                                   By each highway made

                        Figs and mangoes I have planted

                                   For repose and shade ;

                        Wells I made for man and cattle

                                    All that breathe and move,---

                         But with higher toil constructed

                                     Springs of faith and love


                         Scatter then my royal riches,

                                      Spread my bounty then,

                          To the monk and to the toiler,

                                      To all living men,

                          To the brahman and to the sraman,

                                        To al sects of fame,

                           Lets  each claN and corporation

                                          Know Ashoka's name.


                                                                                                          ------  R.C. Dutt

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