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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

My First Day At The New School

                                          My First Day At The New School

                                    My father was transferred from Delhi to Dehradun. The whole family migrated with him, and I have to join a new school there. Father took me to the new school. It was my first day there. We went to the headmaster's office. The headmaster was a kindly looking person. He at once agreed to admit me.He gave us a admission form. Father filled it in, and the headmaster put his 'yes' on it. Then we went to the class-teacher. He charged the fees, entered my name in the register and gave me a seat on one of the front benches. After this, father went back home. there were about forty boys and girls in this class. they looked at me with a friendly smile. we studied in the class till the recess period. During interval we went to the school garden . There I made friends with some of my class fellows. Again there was a bell and we went back to our class room. The last bell went at 2 P.M. I came back home I told my parents how greatly I had liked my new school. They were happy to know all about it.

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