"Where is this God ? Now let us see. "

           He spurned the pillar with his foot,

           Down , down it tumbled, like a tree

           Severed by axes from the root.


           And from within , with horrid clang

           That froze the blood is every vein,

            A stately sable warrior sprang,

            Like some phantasma of the brain.


             He had a lion's head and eyes,

              A human body, feet and hands,

             Colossal,- such strange shapes arise

              In clouds , when autumn rules the lands


              He gave a shout ; the boldest quailed,

              Then struk the tyrant on the helm ,

              And ripped him down; and last, he hailed

               Prahlad as king of al the realm .


                                                                                   ------- Toru Dutt

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