A man who  is master of patience is master of everything.

2.                      Those  who live for  another reality live and those who live only for themselves are


               more dead tan alive.

3.                     Everyone who knows what is right thing to do and does not do it commits a sin.

4.                     Behavior is a mirror in which everyone display his image.

5.                     Do instead of dreaming, move instead of  meditating and work instead of wishing.

6.                     Great achievements are after born out of small beginning.

7.                     Aim at the stars for even if you fall short you will fall on the moon.

8.                     As soon as you feel confident of yourself you know the art of living.

9.                     If you feel down, just consider that the sun sinks  everynight  but it rises again in the



10.                 Be perfectly sincere and God will answer your call.

11.                 Do not underestimate  your own importance.

12.                 Do not neglect to do good and share what you have.

13.                 A slip of foot you may recover, but a slip of the tongue you may never get over.

14.                God  helps  those who help themselves .

15.                Each day be happy be free.

16.                Never  miss the opportunity  to compliment or say something encourage to someone

17.                Refuse to talk negatively about  other; don’t gossip and don’t listen gossip.

18.               Having a forgiving view of people, believe that most people are doing best  they can.

19.               Keep an open mind ; discuss , but don’t argue ( it is possible to disagree without being

              disagreeable. )

20.               Let your virtues  speak for themselves.

21.               A true friend  is one who overlooks your failures and  tolerate your success.

22.               We don’t live to eat but we eat to live.

23.                Kill tension before tension kill you and  Reach your goal before goal kick you.

24.                Trying to each other happy . so be happy and live your life.



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