Hello visitors  today I  tell  about  richest person in the world  bill gates . bill gates is an American business man , investor  and computer programmer.


1.    Ones  you replace   negative thought  with positive ones you will start having positive result

2.     Its  not  how  good you are  its  good you want to be

3.     If you born poor  it’s not your mistake, but  if you die poor  it’s your  mistake

4.    Imagine with all your mind  believe with all heart   achieve with all your right

5.     Learning is gift  even when pain is your  teacher

6.     Successful  people  never  worry  about what  others  are doing

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7.    Don’t  study  to earn  study to learn  what  you earn  today  is what you will  become tomorrow


8.    You  can’t have a better   tomorrow  if   you  are  still thinking  about   yesterday.


9.     Bill gates in a restaurant after eating,  he  gave  $5 to the  waiter  as a tip. The waiter had a strange  felling on his face  after the tip.  Gates realized & asked. What happened?  Waiter :  I am just amazed  because  on the  same table your daughter gave tip of  $500  and  you his father, richest man in the world  only gave $5   gates smiled & replied  with  meaningful  words :- “ she is daughter  of the  world’s  richest  man, but I am the son of  a woodcutter”


10.   It’s  fine  to  celebrate  success  but  it is more  important  to  heed  the  lesson  of  failure

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