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Friday, 11 March 2016


Hello visitors  ,  today I  tell  about  suder  pichai.    sunder  pichai  is  a  computer   engineer  and  the  new  CEO  of  google  inc. on  10 august  2015.   he was  born on12  July , 1972  in Chennai  tamil nadu.   Pichai  grew as middle  class home  but he was a bright  student . He get his  B.Tech   degree   in  Metallurgical  Engineering  from  IIT Kharagpur.
sunder  pichai  joined  google  in  2004.   He  develoved  apps   like as  gmail , google map  on 19 novmber 2009. 
In  February 2016,  he  was  awarded  273,328  shares  of  Google's   holding company  Alphabet.

So  I  will provide the sunder pichai  motivational quotes.  check it out



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