How to use whatsapp on your PC / Laptop

1    First  you  need   to   download    bluestacks    emulator.   window   user  download  this   software   from  here

2    Once  you  download   this   software   then   you   install   in  your  pc / laptop

3    when    you   will  be   installed   Bluestacks   in  your   system ( pc / laptop )  then  it  is  ready  to  used

4    you  home   screen   and  few   tap  on  bluestacks 

5    now   you  need   to   download   whatsapp    apk   for   bluestacks

6   so   download    whatsapp  apk   for  here

7   after   downloaded   you  intall   whatsapp  in  bluestacks 

8   after  this  follow   whatsapp  account  instruction  and  ready    to   use   whatsapp

So  keep  chat on   to  your  friends 

WhatsApp, Bluestacks can also be used to install and run your favourite apps and games. You can also run the Android apps and use them to test and confirm if you are happy with the application before you install it on your phone. You can install almost every app for Android on Bluestacks

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