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  Hello   visitor   today  I  share  for   you   best   Cartoon  avatar  maker.  You  can   make   cartoon  yourself.  Good  news   for  cartoon   crazy     lover .  crate   your  cartoon  picture of  your  close friends  using  tools  and enjoy  your  close  friends  reaction.   You  also   create  your  own  cartoon  avatar for your  blog .  some  online  Cartoon  Avatar  maker  website  here

1     Manga  face  avatar  maker     

Manga Avatar face maker is one of the best free avatar makers that allows you to turn yourself into a cartoon aiding you with different options.

       (i)      You are allowed to choose the skin tone of your avatar.

      (ii)       You can choose the facial hair color from different colors available.

      (iii)      You can select from wide range of hair styles, face shape, and many other options.

2    Moron   Face


 This free cartoon avatar maker can prove you wrong. It can turn your photo into a new funny face.

        (i)         You can distort any of your photos with different customization options.

(ii)         You can name your photo and can share it to different platforms

3       Madmen  yourself


Whenever you are using a cartoon avatar maker like Madmen Yourself avatar maker then you can easily take your creation to next level.  You can create anything funny, serious or expressing any mood.

         (i)    Avatars can be customized fully in desired manner.

       (ii)    These avatars have different features like changing shapes, backgrounds, hairstyle, eyebrows, and  more  options .

4    wee  world


Weeworld is one of the best free avatar makers available online to create awesome cartoon avatars. It is a simple user friendly website . The powerful features are good enough to apply different cartoon filters to an image.

       (i)    You can make friends at this website and create your own Weemees (the cartoon characters).

     (ii)    You can play games here and can win exciting gifts every month.

5    ipiccy  photo  editor

iPiccy Photos editor is a popular free cartoon maker that can be used to create avatars . You can retouch your photo, edit it completely or even can enhance it using this photo editor.

        (i)       Retro comics, pencil drawing, and HDR are some of the coolest features to ads spice to your avatar.

       (ii)        You can create a totally funky or weird avatar.

       (iii)      This photo editor is different from traditional photo editors and bit more user-friendly.

6   Pick    A  Face

Pick a Face is not a very popular site for designing custom avatars.

  (i)     You can select gender, language, and then can start editing the avatar face in your own style.

       (ii)     Full appearance of the avatar can be customized.

        (iii)  You are allowed to change the color, direction, size of every object.

7    Pixton

Pixton is a wonderful free avatar maker website that can be used to create awesome avatars for short stories. You can design funny cartoon like pictures . It is one such tool that makes avatar drawing really easy.

        (i)   A wide range of custom avatar characters is available.

       (ii)  You can select from different range of modifications that can be applied on your avatar.

      (iii)   The user interface is really easy to navigate through.

8  cartoonize

 Cartoonize is the one that can easily turn any photo to a cartoon.

        (i)     You will be surely impressed by number of customization effects to create avatars.

        (ii)   You have wide range of effects to cartoonize your face or uploaded picture.

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