Ramayana and mahabharata

Ramyana  and  mahabharata  are  great  epics of  india .  they  show some  difference  between  them   when  it  come  to  their  dates o  composition,  authors  character   and  the like  .  the  ramayana  written   by    valmiki   on  the  other  side   mahabharata  written by  vyasa.  The tales of Mahabharata  is story of every home. It connects with actual human nature and very well explain the social, political and relational dynamic of humans.   The tales  of ramayana  unhuman obedience, unflinching loyalty, fierce love and irreversible decisions.

Ramayana  contains     the  tales  of  rama,  the  son  of  king  dasharatha  of  ayodhya. It deals  how  rama   fight  against  ravan , the  king of   lanka   and killed  him  in  hard  fight  battle ravan  had  erred   by adbuting  the  wife  of  rama  sita  by  name . Rama finally enters into the Sarayu River to complete his incarnation. His sons, Lava and Kusha take the mantle of kingship. This is how the Ramayana  ends. The Ramayana described the battles at their earliest phase where sophisticated weapons were not used. The 7 Kandas  of the Ramayana are Bala Kanda,  Ayodhya Kanda,  Aranya Kanda,  Kishkinda Kanda, Sundara Kanda,  Yuddha Kanda and Uttara Kanda.

On the other side , the Mahabharata contains the tales  of the rivalry between the Pandavas and the Kauravas, who were both called by the name of Purus. Mahabharata ends with the war of Kurukshetra, in which all the 100 Kauravas are killed by the 5 Pandavas, with the help of Krishna. Pandavas eventually rule over Hastinapura for several years and finally enter heaven. This is how the Mahabharata  ends. The Mahabharata  contains 18 long chapters. Each chapter is called as a Parva. Hence, there are totally 18 Parvas in the Mahabharata. Krishna is sometimes portrayed as an incarnation of God in the Mahabharata. At several other places, he too was considered a human being who ruled over the city of Dwaraka. He   is   said to  have   killed  several demons when he was a child  the Mahabharata described battles in which sophisticated   weapons  were  used.

This shows that the Ramayan has happened in the Treta Yuga and the Mahabharat happened later in the Dwapara Yuga
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