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Saturday, 21 May 2016

20 popular blog directories to submit your blog and get traffic

Hello   visitors,   if   you   are   worried  about   blog  traffic  so   today  I  am  writing  this  post to  help  with      20 most  popular  popular  blog  directories  to  submit  your  blog  and  get  traffic .  Blog  directories  can be a good way to build quality backlinks and increase traffic to your blog or website. Now a days due to growing online Blog Directories its very difficult to find some good one with such a high  page  rank . 

so   take  a look  popular   blog directories  to sumit  your  blog :

9.       http://digg.com/



5     Benefits of Submitting your Blog/Site to these online Blog Directories

     1    More  traffic
Blog  Directories   has   the  power of boosting  your   blog/web  traffic  via  Search Engines.
      2   exposure
If  you  are  a new  blogger ,  then  adding  your  blog  to these  directory  will  help  readers to find you. More the  Exposure  more  you  Popular.
     3   Backlinks
Build your websites traffic and generates quality backlinks  from  popular  websites.
      4  networking
Blog  directories   may help  you   a   lot  of  build Networking   with other bloggers  
       5  good Position on Search Results
             search engine traffic is much better than even paid traffic .  so  if  backlink of your
             blog will  increase then reputation of your blog automatically increase.
            I  think  its very  useful  post  for  new  bloggers

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