How To Submit Your Blog/ websites To Facebook Free-basics with pictures

Hello   visitors ,  In  these day  Facebook is now working as a blogging platform.  It  is  very  useful  for  new  bloggers /  websites.

What  is  facebook  free  basic

Free Basics is a service that allows people to access a range of basic internet services for free. By providing people with access to these services for free, Free Basics addresses three barriers that prevent people from coming online: affordability, access, and awareness.

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Benefit  of  facebook  free  basics  service  programme

(i)       Its  grow  you  websites/blog  visitors  and   traffic

(ii)       improve your ranking position on the global net service

(iii)      Its  a source of open traffic to your blog, imagine getting an audience of 1,000 to 100,000 within a month, with  little  effort .

(iv)      you can't really predict how much audience you will get from Africa, Asia and Latin America that uses the facebook service for free.
(v)      This is a wonderful way to break down the barriers that have separated us from so many people worldwide.



Steps  of   Submission  to  facebook  free basics

Step 1: mention Your Personal Informations

mention your full name, company name , email address connected to your Facebook account, mobile  contact number    and  country in which your business is based.

Step 2: Enter Site  information :

Enter the name of your site , one  line  description  and accurate long description of the service. Submit your description in your service's primary language.  Choose  category  and   images of  the  services  in one line  description characters Limit  to 35 characters or less.  Mention  simple  and  accurate  description .

Step 3: mention  Your URLs , countries and Languages supports

Mention  the  URL of  your  site ,  countries  languages and locales your site  will  supports.

Step 4 (Optional): mention Additional Languages and Locales

If your service is available in more than one country or language, then  you  mention .Include all additional mobile sites for all country or language specific URLs you have.

Submit Your Submission

After   mention  your  full  information  above   then   read  terms and conditions   carefully

Then  click  acknowledgement   and  submit  your   form.  I  hope  its  helpful  for new  blogger

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