Tricks to increase More Google+ Followers

Google plus is a  social communication networking site. Popularity of Google+ is increasing day by day and people are considering this social network. some few tricks to increase your Google Plus followers.  If you are  using Google Plus social network, then you can definitely increasing Google Plus followers by  these tricks .

Trick 1

One of the easier ways to increase you follower base is to find people that are suggested by Google+. Where you can find this option is to go to circles tab and see the list of friends suggestion as provided by Google+. These people would share some mutual interests or activities with you as per the Google+ system. Once you add them to your circle, they would reciprocate it and it would lead to an increase in the number of followers.

Trick 2

You would have to invest time into making your profile interesting so that people are attracted to your profile. This entails posting interesting stuff, commenting on people’s statuses, updating your status etc. You need to make a happening profile; this would attract followers.

Trick 3

If you are an avid follower of others, this would result in people following you back! With Google + you can add 5000 people to your circle but if you know some inside tricks, you can stretch this number even more. From personal experience, I have seen that 20 % of your followers follow you back so for instance if you are following 3000 people, you can get up to 600 followers. Having said that, if you follow a lot of people, it would make your Google+ stream very busy so if you cannot handle that then do not follow this many people.

Trick 4

To make your profile enticing enough to be followed, you would have to make it attractive by putting up your fun photos, updating statuses, having a busy and fun profile. If you are a female, the best bet is to put up your pretty pictures as this would automatically get you a lot of followers. For males, you can exhibit your sense of humor or  people with your intellect. You can post the latest news or celebrity gossip as that always interests people. In a nutshell, being fun is the key!

Trick 5

Following back your followers is very important if you do not want to lose your followers. If you do not follow your followers, they will kick you out from their circle sooner or later. Just like you want to be followed, others want the same. Hence if you do not reciprocate the same by following others, people will delete you off their circle. If you are not interested in their profile, neither would they be!

Trick 6

If you have your own website or have a blog then to steer followers from your website/blog, you need to place a Google+ widget. It would help steer the followers to your Google+ account. Currently there are three different types of Google+ widgets:

1) Google+ Profile Widget
2) Google+ Posts Feed Widget
3) Profile and Posts Feed Widget

The Google+ widgets will exhibit your Google+ information to the readers provided they are Google+ users as well. They could follow you this way and if you have a stronger fan following for your website and blog, then the results could be huge!

Trick  7

Do not miss out on an opportunity to invite people to Google+ whether they are your friends or not. The more invitations you send out, the higher the chances of you having a huge follower base. There are other social networks which serve as a great medium to find people who are actually looking for Google+ invitations. 

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