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Saturday, 28 April 2018

New ask Hacker News story: Spotlight still isn't a good citizen

Spotlight still isn't a good citizen
2 by killjoywashere | 0 comments on Hacker News.
tl;dr: Spotlight needs a CPU temperature monitor or some other means of playing nice. I'll skip the insane number of reboots and just hit the path to proof. My home server is a bit long in the tooth: a Pentium 4 Dell. So I pulled my late 2009 iMac out of its box to migrate. I built a USB RAID 1 under Sierra this week, started moving files over, and OS X notified me High Sierra was downloaded and ready to install on Thursday night. Sure, why not? Viola, my late 2009 iMac reboots every couple of minutes. That’s weird. Unplugged everything, rebooted into recovery, stable. Ran First Aid, rebooted, closed all apps. Stable. Add RAID drives, fans spins up, crash. Unplug drives, reboot, plug 1 drive in, unmount, plug the next drive in, start rebuild, ok. Rebuild is progressing, ok. Mount. Spotlight pegs the CPU, fan spins up, crash. I will add the RAID to the Spotlight Privacy list, but, seriously, this is out of control! Spotlight has never been a good citizen, and someone really needs to tell the team to get it together. Please, if you know anyone at Apple, please, tell them to fix this monster.

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