The Supporting Guys : Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy clarifies our methodology regarding the gathering, use, introduction and trade of your information by the supporting guys , which works diverse destinations and distinctive organizations including yet not compelled to transport of information and substance by methods for any adaptable or web related device or something different (overall the "Organizations"). This insurance game plan outlines a crucial piece of the Terms of Use for the Services. Advanced terms which have been used here anyway are indistinct will have a comparative significance as attributed to them in the Terms of Use. 

As we update, improve and develop the Services, this system may change, so please suggest back to it discontinuously. By getting to the Company site or this Application or for the most part using the Services, you consent to collection, storing, and use of the individual information you give (considering any movements thereto given by you) for any of the organizations that we offer. 

The Company respects the security of the customers of the Services and is centered around reasonably guarantee it in all respects. The information about the customer as assembled by the Company is by all accounts: (an) information given by customers and (b) information normally pursued while course (c) information accumulated from some other source (everything considered suggested as Information). 



Enlistment information: 

When you register on the site, Application and for the Service, we ask that you give fundamental contact Information, for instance, your name, sex, age, address, stick code, contact number, occupation, interests and email address, etc. When you register using your diverse records like on Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, etc we will recoup Information from such record to continue working together with you and to continue giving the Services. 

Membership or paid administration information: 

When you picked any participation or paid organization, we or our portion entryway provider may accumulate your purchase, address or charging information, including your Visa number and pass date, etc. At any rate when you demand using an in-application purchase decision, same are dealt with by such stage providers. The enrollments or paid Services may be on auto reviving mode with the exception of whenever dropped. If whenever you don't wish to auto-revive your participation, you may drop your enrollment before the completion of the participation term. 

Deliberate data: 

We may accumulate additional information at various events, including yet not limited to, when you give input, change your substance or email tendencies, respond to an investigation, or talk with us. 



To improve the responsiveness of the "Application" for our customers, we may use "treats", or equivalent electronic gadgets to assemble information to designate each visitor an extraordinary, self-assertive number as a User Identification (User ID) to grasp the customer's individual preferences using the perceived PC. But on the off chance that you unyieldingly separate yourself (through enrollment, for example), we will get no opportunity to get of knowing your personality, paying little mind to whether we apportion a treat to your PC. The principle singular information a treat can contain is information you supply. A treat can't scrutinize data off your hard drive. Our supporters may in like manner apportion their own special treats to your program (in case you click on their notices), a system that we don't control. We get and store explicit sorts of information at whatever point you speak with us by methods for site, Application or Service anyway your PC/workstation/netbook or flexible/tablet/pad/handheld contraption, etc. 


In case a customer stops using the Ads Settings, the unique DoubleClick treat ID on the customer's program is overwritten with the articulation "OPT_OUT". Since there will never be again an exceptional treat ID, the quit treat can't be connected with a particular program. 

Log File Information 

We thus assemble compelled information about your PC's relationship with the Internet, adaptable number, including your IP address, when you visit our page, application or organization. Your IP address is a number that lets PCs associated with the Internet acknowledge where to send you data - , for instance, the pages you see. We normally get and log information from your program, including your IP address, your PC's name, your working system, program type and structure, CPU speed, and affiliation speed. We may in like manner assemble log information from your device, including your region, IP address, your contraption's name, device's consecutive number or exceptional distinctive evidence number (e.g.. UDiD on your iOS device), your device working structure, program type and structure, CPU speed, and affiliation speed, etc. 

Clear GIFs 

We may use "clear GIFs" (Web Beacons) to pursue the online usage instances of our customers in an obscure manner, without explicitly perceiving the customer. We may moreover use clear GIFs in HTML-based messages sent to our customers to pursue which messages are opened by recipients. We use this information to between alia pass on our site pages to you upon sales, to tailor our Site, Application or Service to the interests of our customers, to measure traffic inside our Application to improve the Application quality, handiness and knowledge and let supports know the geographic regions from where our visitors come. 

Information from various Sources: 

We may get information about you from various sources, add it to our record information and treat it according to this course of action. In case you offer information to the stage provider or other accessory, whom we give benefits, your record information and solicitation information may be passed on to us. We may procure invigorated contact information from outcasts in order to address our records and fulfill the Services or to talk with you 

Measurement and purchase information: 

We may reference diverse wellsprings of measurement and other information in order to outfit you with progressively centered around exchanges and headways. We use Google Analytics, among others, to pursue the customer lead on our site. Google Analytics expressly has been engage to help show publicizing towards helping us increment appreciation of our customers' Demographics and Interests. The reports are puzzling and can't be connected with any person before long unmistakable information that you may have bestowed to us. You can stop Google Analytics for Display Advertising and change Google Display Network notices using the Ads Settings choices given by Google. 


The Application may consolidate associates with various locales or applications. Such destinations or applications are spoken to by their individual assurance techniques, which are outside our capacity to control. When you leave our servers (you can tell where you are by checking the URL in the territory bar on your program), use of any information you give is spoken to by the security course of action of the overseer of the application, you are visiting. That methodology may differ from our own. In case you can't find the assurance course of action of any of these districts through an association from the application's point of arrival, you should contact the application owners direct for more information. 

When we present information to our advertisers - to empower them to appreciate our social event of individuals and insist the advantage of publicizing on our locales or Applications - it is standard speaking as totaled estimations on traffic to various pages/content inside our destinations or Applications. We use untouchable elevating associations to serve commercials when you visit our destinations or Applications. These associations may use information (barring your name, address, email address or telephone number or other before long unmistakable information) about your visits to this and diverse destinations or application, in order to give advertisements about items and endeavors critical to you. 

We don't give any before long unmistakable information to outcast locales/marketing experts/advancement servers without your consent. 

3. Information USE BY THE COMPANY 

The Information as given by the customers enables us to improve the Services and give you the most straightforward contribution. Once in a while game plan of certain service(s) or utility(ies), we may require your contact address moreover. Every required datum is organization subordinate and the Company may use the above said customer Information to, keep up, guarantee, and improve the Services (tallying advancing on the "Application") and for developing new organizations. We may in like manner use your email address or other eventually conspicuous information to send business or advancing messages without your consent [with a choice to purchase in/pull back (where feasible)]. We may, in any case, use your email address moving along with no more consent for non-exhibiting or administrative purposes, (for instance, educating you regarding genuine changes, for customer organization purposes, charging, etc.).

Any eventually unmistakable information given by you won't be considered as sensitive if it is energetically available as well as open in the open region like any comments, messages, web diaries, composes open on social stages like facebook, twitter, etc. 

Any posted/exchanged/passed on/passed on by customers on the open territories of the "Application" advances toward getting to be dispersed substance and isn't seen as before long unmistakable information subject to this Privacy Policy. 

If you rot to submit before long unmistakable information on the Application, we will in all likelihood be unfit to give certain organizations on the Application to you. We will attempt reasonable undertakings to let you know of the comparable at the period of opening your record. In any case, we won't be in danger just as accountable for the denial of explicit organizations to you for nonattendance of you giving the essential individual information. 

When you register with the Application or Services, we connect with you at times about updation of your own information to give the customers such features that we acknowledge may benefit/interest you. 

4. Information SHARING 

The Company gives your information to any untouchable without procuring the prior consent of the User in the going with confined conditions: 

a) When it is referenced or required by law or by any court or managerial office or master to reveal, with the ultimate objective of check of identity, or for the balancing activity, area, examination including advanced events, or for arraignment and order of offenses. These disclosures are made in consistence with regular goodness and conviction that such introduction is reasonably imperative for maintaining these Terms or for consenting to the fitting laws and rules. 

b) The Company proposes to share such information inside its social affair associations and officers and agents of such assembling associations to process singular information for the good of its. We in like manner ensure that these recipients of such information agree to process such information subject to our headings and in consistence with this Privacy Policy and some other appropriate mystery and security endeavors. 

c) The Company may acquaint information with our advertisers - to empower them to grasp our gathering of spectators and certify the advantage of publicizing on our destinations or Applications – at any rate it is as a general rule as amassed bits of knowledge on traffic to various pages inside our site. 

d) The Company may share your information concerning your activities on locales or Applications with outcast social destinations to populate your social divider that is clear to different people in any case you will have a decision to set your security settings, where you can pick what you should need to share or not to give to other individuals. 


When you use the Services Site (or any of its sub areas), we attempt extraordinary certainty tries to give you, as and when referenced by you, with access to your own information and will moreover ensure that any near and dear information or sensitive individual data or information saw to be off course or deficient will be helped or overhauled as achievable, subject to any essential for such up close and personal information or delicate individual data or information to be held by law or for veritable business purposes. We demand that particular customers perceive themselves and the information referenced to be gotten to, changed or emptied before taking care of such requests, and we may rot to process requests that are irrationally inauspicious or deliberate, require lopsided specific effort, imperil the insurance of others, or would be inconceivably unlikely (for instance, requests concerning information harping on fortification tapes), or for which get to isn't commonly required. In any case, where we give information access and change, we play out this organization complimentary, beside if doing all things considered would require an unbalanced effort. Because of the way in which we keep up explicit organizations, after you delete your information, waiting copies may take a time span before they are eradicated from our dynamic servers and may remain in our support structures. 

6. Information SECURITY 

We take appropriate security endeavors to guarantee against unapproved access to or unapproved change, revelation or devastation of data. These consolidate inward reviews of our data assembling, accumulating and getting ready practices and security endeavors, including appropriate encryption and physical wellbeing endeavors to get ready for unapproved access to structures where we store singular data. All information amassed on TIL is securely secured inside the Company controlled database. The database is secured on servers confirmed behind a firewall; access to the servers is mystery key guaranteed and is deliberately obliged. In any case, as convincing as our wellbeing endeavors appear to be, no security system is immune. We can't guarantee the security of our database, nor would we have the capacity to guarantee that information you supply won't be blocked while being transmitted to us over the Internet. Additionally, clearly, any information you consolidate into an exhibiting on the trade zones is available to anyone with Internet get to. 

We use pariah elevating associations to serve commercials when you visit or use our site, adaptable application or organizations. These associations may use information (barring your name, address, email address or telephone number) about your visits or use to explicit site, convenient application or organizations, in order to give advancements about items and adventures vital to you. 


The web is a reliably propelling medium. We may alter our security course of action once in a while to join fundamental changes in development, proper law or some other variety. In any case, we keep up all specialist to change (whenever of time) the terms of this Privacy Policy or the Terms of Use. Any movements we impact will to produce results right presently on notice, which we may give by posting the new procedure on the "Application". Your use of the Application or Services after such notice will be respected affirmation of such changes. We may moreover attempt reasonable undertakings to prompt you through electronic mail. In any case, you are urged to review this Privacy Policy every so often on the "Application") to ensure that you think about the latest structure. 


Redressal Mechanism: Any protest, abuse or stresses concerning the treatment of information given by you or crack of these terms will be immediately taught to the appointed Grievance Officer as referenced underneath by methods for recorded as a printed version or through email set apart with the electronic imprint to complaint. Mr. Harshit Papnai. 

Mr. Harshit Papnai 


the supporting guys 

Plot No. 371, Patel Vihar, Phase - II, 

Gurgaon, Haryana 122016, India 

Ph: 7017549848 

We request you to please give the going with information in your dissent:- 

an) Identification of the information given by you; 

b) Clear decree as for whether the information is up close and personal information or unstable individual information; 

c) Your area, telephone number or email address; 

d) A clarification that you have a respectable certainty conviction that the information has been arranged erroneously or uncovered without endorsement, everything considered; 

e) A declaration, under discipline of equivocation, that the information in the notice is exact, and that the information being fussed about has a spot with you; 

f) You may in like manner connect with us if you have any request/recommendations about the Privacy Policy using the contact information referenced already. 

The association won't be accountable for any correspondence, at whatever point directed, to any non-doled out individual in such way.

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